Fântâna Brazilor Bog

Natural reserve


DC50, Fântâna Brazilor 537063, Romania


Fântâna Brazilor bog is located at an altitude of about 950 m, in the central-western part of the Praid-Dealu volcanic plateau, in Gurghiu mountains. The plateau is composed of volcanic-sedimentary formations. At the western outskirts of the plateau, water erosion revealed Pontian sedimentary deposits and salt.

The Fântâna Brazilor bog was declared a Natura 2000 site in 2007. It appears as Luc or Ruc in the literature, but locals generally call it Datka. It is the Westernmost bog with pine trees in the Eastern Carpathians. The bog is surrounded by a spruce forest (Vaccinio-Piceetum abietis) that extends to La Pod marsh. Other spruce, beech and fir, and larch forests (Pulmonario rubro-Abieti-Fagetum) separate it from Sâncel.

Among the important fauna species are the red forest frog (Rana dalmatina), the red mountain frog (Rana temporaria), salamandra (Salamandra salamandra) and the mountain lizard (Zootoca vivipara).

Text and photo source: https://www.korpa.ro/

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