Jigodin treatment Center




Jigodin-Băi 530003, Romania

Located in Harghita County, Băile Jigodin is a town that has become a balneological climate because of its warm and cold mineral springs, known by the locals since ancient times.

The springs in Băile Jigodin resort have therapeutic qualities, having bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, carbonated, feruginous and hypotonic.

Mineral water here is good in internal cures, in bile dyskinesia, in cholesterol, biliary lithiasis and other digestive disorders.

This water is also indicated in external cures, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, neurotic syndromes and chronic peripheral arteriopathy plus other conditions.

For the sick and for those who are eager for a spa, Băile Jigodin has two outdoor pools, a hot bath with 53 bathtubs, a sauna and a covered swimming pool.

There are multiple accommodations facilities here in hotels, villas, motels, hostels and campsites.

Those arriving here can enjoy hiking in the surroundings, in Miercurea-Ciuc. Nearby is the Jigodin Fortress, whose ruins can be visited by lovers of history.

Text source: http://www.dtr.ro/

Băile Jigodin Swimming Pool with Sparkling Water

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