Merești/Homoródalmás Salt Bath

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Merești, Romania, Str. Sóskút, 678


The spa is located next to the Salty Well in Merești/Homoródalmás.

The salty water of the spa is excellent for the treatment of rheumatic, nervous system and gynecological complaints, the temperature is 36-38C degree. In salt baths, the skin does not dry out, as water is bound in the outer stratum corneum of the skin. This preserves the skin's natural protective layer. Therefore, it is highly recommended for dry skin.
• Detoxification
• Activation of homeostasis
• Neurodermatitis
• Treatment of psoriasis, psoriasis
• Skin complaints dry or oily skin
• Stress relief
• Exhaustion
• Correct sleep disorders
• Deacidification

There is a car park, a children’s playground, two wooden tubs (dézsa) filled with saltwater, a jacuzzi, hydromassage and a Finnish sauna for visitors longing for some pampering and refreshing.


  • Merești

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