What to do in Praid?

Suggestion group


Praid/Parajd and its surroundings have more to offer than just the salt mine. If you need to make new plans for your holiday because of the ongoing repairs in the salt mine, here are some attractions and activities for you!

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Salt Hill Nature Reserve

Natural reserve

Wandering into the world of the Salt Canyon

Trekking / Tourist program

Butterfly House

Family-friendly attraction / Landmark

Minigolf Praid

Adventure games

Upside-Down House

Experiences / Architectural Objective / Landmark

Praid Wellness Center

Swimming pool / SPA, Wellness

Praid outdoor pool

Swimming pool

Aqua Beach-Praid

Swimming pool

Altus Hotel & Spa

Hotel / SPA, Wellness

Horse Riding in Salt-Canyon

Horse riding tours

Authentic artisan experience (do it yourself activities)

Traditional craft workshops / Experiences / Family-friendly activity / Tourist program

Visits spiced with demonstrations of handicrafts

Tourist program

Horse-drawn carriage tour in Corund and its surroundings

Sleigh trips / Horse-cart ride

Corund/Korond promenade

Family-friendly activity / Horse-cart ride / Tourist program

Time Travel

Family-friendly activity / Horse-cart ride / Tourist program

The Aragonite Museum Corund

Family-friendly attraction / Museum

Fântâna Brazilor Bog

Natural reserve

Snail’s Hill Geological Reserve

Natural reserve

The Straw Hat Museum

Family-friendly attraction / Museum

The Ethnographic Museum Corund

Folk museum

Folk Museum – Ocna de Jos

Folk museum

The Wooden Bell Tower Șiclod


Inlăceni - the labyrinth village

Architectural Objective

Folk Museum – Inlăceni

Folk museum

Unitarian church, Inlăceni/Énlaka


The Heart of Jesus statue on Gordon Hill


Equestrian Center Lófő

Horse riding / Sleigh trips / Horse-cart ride / Horse riding tours

Tamási Áron Memorial House

Memorial house

Mini Transylvania Park

Experiences / Family-friendly attraction / Architectural Objective / Landmark

The tomb of Orbán Balázs - The Szekler Gates at Băile Szejke

Monument / Landmark

The Mineral Water Museum in Szejke


Centuries-old photography

Experiences / Family-friendly activity

The path of the fruit, from the tree to the glass

Traditional craft workshops / Experiences

Galffis chocolates

Traditional craft workshops / Coffee place / Confectionery / Experiences

Half-Day Tour with SSV/Buggy

Experiences / Family-friendly activity / Off-road tours

Szekler traditions day

Experiences / Tourist program

Escape Room Odorhei

Family-friendly activity / Adventure games

Station Pub & Bowling

Pub, Bar / Restaurant / Family-friendly restaurant

Septimia Hotels & Spa Resort

Family-friendly accommodation / Hostel / Hotel / Swimming pool / Restaurant / Salt room / SPA, Wellness


Family-friendly accommodation / Guest house / Restaurant / Family-friendly restaurant / SPA, Wellness

The Odorheiu Secuiesc Municipal Pool

Swimming pool


Bike rental

“Babusgató” petting zoo and animal park

Natural attraction / Experiences / Family-friendly activity

Zetea dam

Natural attraction / Fishing lake

KayaKing on the Zetea Dam

Kayak / Family-friendly activity

Deság Resort

Family-friendly accommodation / Guest house / Restaurant / SPA, Wellness

Wildlife Park of Ivó (Izvoare)

Natural attraction / Hunting area

The Equestrian Center Ivo Riding Ranch

Horse riding / Horse riding tours

Fáradt Bakancs Adventure Park

Climbing / Adventure park

Mountain Cart – SkiVarsag

Mountain Cart tours

Csorgókő Waterfall from Vărșag

Natural attraction


Experiences / Family-friendly activity / hot air balloon