Tamási Áron Memorial House

Tamási Áron Memorial House


Lupeni 537165, Romania


Lupeni is the native village of the great writer of the Szeklers, Tamási Áron. The village follows the Nicăului de Sus valley, on the two banks of the river, at the altitude of 540-580 m.

The memorial house, the monument dedicated to the writer, as well as the writer's grave are there.

The memorial house and birthplace of the writer is an old building, dating back over 150 years. It was built of carved wood, and the roof was made of shingles. Tamási Áron was born in this house on 19 September 1897. Inaugurated on 24 September 1972, the memorial house displays furniture, personal objects, manuscripts, works, letters, and photographs of the writer.

The tomb of the famous writer is on the Western edge of the village, behind the Roman Catholic church and the cemetery, in a beautiful park full of flowers.

The Tamási Monument - the work of the sculptor Szervátiusz Jenő and his son, Tibor (1972-1974), is carved from a rock 3 meters high, 1 m wide, weighing 8 tons, brought here from Mount Harghita. The monument features characters from Tamási's works.

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