Csíki Beer Manufacture


575, Csikszentsimon, Romania, 537285


In 2013, a local entrepreneur, András Lénárd took over the former communist distillery in Sânsimion, Harghita county, and started producing his own craft beer. It began from a relatively modest production of 20,000 bottles a day.

András's local mark is called Igazi Csíki Sör, which means "The True Ciuc Beer ".

Igazi Csíki Sör is a craft beer, non-pasteurized, without additives and preservatives, with an alcohol concentration of 6%, which means that it is not diluted with water to lower the alcohol content. The beer is premium quality, consistent with the German standards of quality for beer production: only natural, high-quality products such as water, malt and hops are used!

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