Rafting on Târnava Mare

Family-friendly activity / Rafting


The expedition starts from the village of Sub Cetate, Deság street, near the bridge over Târnava Mare, from the Deságtravel guesthouse. The river in this area is quite sluggish, perfect for practice the theoretical training. After the start, the valley narrows gradually and the river becomes a real mountain river.

Here we do not miss sightseeing or adventures and the participants are not subject to any dangers. The hard parts of the journey alternate with the easier ones, the program culminating in a mini cascade. After a thrilling trip we will reach the village of Zetea (Tófalu) where our rafting expedition ends.

The rafting expedition is led by experienced instructors
The degree of difficulty: WW1 (easy) - WW2 (medium) is also recommended for beginners.
Location: Târnava Mare river, from Sub Cetate (Deság) - Zetea (Tófalu)
Program duration (Together with theoretical instruction): 2-2.5 hours
Maximum capacity: 11 people + 4 children (8-12 years)
Route length: 6-7 km.


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian


  • Sub Cetate

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