Battle On Snow 2024

Battle On Snow 2024

2024 - The year of adrenaline  |  Sports event



Dates and Hours:


Buckle up! 😱
The Battle On Snow will be on again in 2024!
More information coming soon! Until then, get those skis and snowboards clicking! 🎿🏂

REGISTRATION: send your application to
  1. name
  2. age
  3. address
  4. personal identification number (CNP)
  5. category
    • ski/snowboard kids (9 years<)
    • ski/snowboard groms (10-13 years)
    • ski/snowboard rookies (14-17 years)
    • ski/snowboard pro (+18)
    • ski/snowboard amateur (+18)
  6. for snowboard: regular or goofy
  7. notarised parental authorisation in case the parent is not present at the competition

The Battle On Snow is an international sport event organised for the 12th time this year by the Ride More Sports Association.
As an international freeski and freestyle snowboard competition, it is considered the most prestigious winter sports event in the country, especially as it is part of the TTR internationally classified WORLD SNOWBOARD TOUR.

This year, our event will take place from 22.03.2024 to 24.03.2024 and we are expecting around 110-120 competitors, including many renowned foreign and national athletes, with an expected attendance of more than 1500-2000 spectators. We plan to organize the three-day competition series in snowboard, ski slopestyle, snowboardcross, skicross categories at the Harghita Madaras, for all age groups, boys and girls.