Harghita-Băi mineral water springs

Harghita-Băi mineral water springs


Harghita-Băi 530002, Romania


The volcanic chain of the Oriental Carpathians is particularly rich in mineral water. One third of the 500 localities of Romania with mineral water are located in the Szeklerland. Every third place in this region has at least one spring of mineral water.

Mineral water is drinkable water which contains elements with therapeutic effects. Mineral water in Harghita-Băi that surface through the volcanic rupture lines have a high carbon dioxide and iron content.

Mineral water from Harghita-Băi are recommended for cardiovascular diseases and chronic inflammation.

Mineral water springs: Csipike, Vallató, Szemvíz, Lobogó

At the Vallató and Lobogó springs, there are also swimming pools where you can take a foot bath. The explanation for the name of the Vallató spring (examination) is the low water temperature that does not exceed 6-7 ° C throughout the year.


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