Miniature exhibition in the National Tourist Information and Promotion Center of Vlăhița/Szentegyháza


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Vlăhita, Republicii, Nr. 47m, Szentegyháza/Vlahita 535800, Romania


There are two types of exhibited material: models of monumental buildings made during the recycling of rubbish (13 pcs.) and objects related to crafts in Vlăhița/Szentegyháza (2 pcs.).

The models are made by Gogyán József, a pensioner from Odorheiu Secuiesc/Székelyudvarhely, who uses his spare time to create them. His motivation is to draw attention to the use of different types of waste as raw materials, especially among young people. Such activities can develop children’s different skills and raise awareness of the environment.

The scale models presents churches, castles and museums of Transylvania and Szeklerland. In addition to the material displayed here, you can see miniatures of other buildings in the home of the creator (contact - Judith Bokor, tour guide).

You can also see the model of the vashámor of Vlăhița/Szentegyháza and the posztóványoló (cloth mill) of Minele Lueta/Lövétebánya. The vashámor operated from 1850 to 1995, where various tools were forged from iron, such as: axes, hoes, picks, shovels, spades, plowshares. The posztóványoló were used to compress and thicken the home-woven woolen cloth to make it better insulated. 

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