Development Agency of Harghita County

Development Agency of Harghita County


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Miercurea Ciuc, Romania


The Development Agency of Harghita County was established based on County Council Decision no. 322/2015, with headquarters in Miercurea Ciuc. The main objective of the Agency is to contribute, through its activities and elaborated programs, to the development of the county, and, if required, to the organization of professional background-work related to the activity of the Council.

According to County Council Decision no. 131/2016, the Agency can have one office in the following municipalities: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Gheorgheni and Toplita, so that the activities cover all the micro-regions of the county.

The Agency is an open institution in development which, through its promoter and mediator role, helps local initiatives to materialize, collaborates with relevant agents in a well-balanced developmental process of the county, and if needed, contributes to the concentration of national and international resources oriented on the region's development, as well as to the improvement of the efficiency of local investments.

The Agency's programs are meant to help Harghita county become a more entrepreneur-friendly region, to stimulate applications for external funds, support investments and innovations in the region, to stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs, the realization of plans which cover the whole region, and finally, to offer useful information on developing enterprises.

The Agency's employees are motivated, mostly young economists, who use free and open-source software (Linux, LibreOffice, Drupal, etc.), based on the principle of cost-efficient work.

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