Anna Pension

Family-friendly accommodation / Guest house


170, Borzont, 537131, DN13B, Borzont, 170 szam 537131, Romania


In the heart of Transylvania, in Szeklerland, in the bosom of the Gurghiului-mountains, at the foot of the Bucin-pass there is a wonderful place: the Anna Pension. It was built near the small village of Borzont in the surroundings of a fascinating pine-forest, in a peaceful, calm and fabulous environment. The beauty of the landscape, the pure fresh air and the proximity of the town of Gheorgheni make the Anna Pension an ideal place for entertainment and relaxation.

Believe it or not, if you accept our offer, you will have the chance to experience something marvellous. The silence, tranquillity and the fresh air are part of our basic offers. In addition to these privileges we can guarantee all the comfort a person of our time needs.

Our provincial meals and the delicious Szekler specialities are always prepared from fresh ingredients right after taking the order. The wide variety of our wines is selected with a meticulous care from the famous vineyards of Egerszalók. Of course, our offer cannot be complete without the legendary cordials of our region: the plum brandy and the blueberry brandy. If you wish for an active recreation, you have the possibility to go in for sports, try the hiking, horse-riding or you can even go for a drive with a carriage. It is also possible for you to walk in the pine-forest and enjoy the crystal-clear, ozone-rich air, collecting mushrooms, raspberries, blueberries and herbs in the meantime.

We are expecting our guests in winter too. In this season the air is fresher and the silence is deeper. In the evening, when our guests arrive home after an exhausting day of hiking, skiing or sleigh-ride, they are expected in the warm, cosy pension with hot food, mulled wine and a sauna. How pleasant it is when we can warm our benumbed limbs sitting next to the fireplace!

It would be a great pleasure for us if we could welcome you as our guest. There is one more thing we can promise: it will not be easy for you to say goodbye to your hosts. However, there is no cause for sorrow because the staff of the Anna Pension is expecting everyone back, no matter if it is winter or summer.

We hope that this short presentation can persuade you to set out on a trip, discover the beauty of the landscape and stop at the Anna Pension to experience our hospitality.


  • 3 daisies


  • Wooden hot tub
  • Sauna


  • Borzont

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