Balneological overview of medical treatments

Tourist program


Route: Tourist information office – Ó-Sáros Spa – Spa and Wellness Center – Sunbath – The Fairy Glade
Program description:
We describe the magical healings, e.g. in 1594, Zsigmond Báthory bathed in the water of the Lobogó (flag) Spring in Borsec/Borszék, curing his gout.
We are talking about the Central Pavilion, where there was a mineral water pool and 50 tubs to serve the guests. There were rooms upstairs for the more serious patients.
We walk to the Ó-Sáros Spa, where we describe the treatments that can be performed here:
  • spa in 32 ° C mineral water
  • sauna, then cooling off in the cold pool
  • salt chamber testing (treatment of upper respiratory diseases)
  • therapeutic massage
We walk to the new Spa and Wellness Center, which is under construction.
We will see the Sunbath, then walk through the Fairy Glade, where you can take a dip in the small mineral water pool.
In the meantime, we describe the diseases that are effectively treated in Borsec/Borszék. Therapeutic walks have a tonic effect on the body in ozone-rich, dust-free air.

Program location: Harghita county
Destination: Borsec/Borszék
Program price: 150 RON / group

Program overview

  • Walk


  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Duration of the program

  • 2-3 hours/ore/óra

Tour guide

  • Farkas Aladár


  • Gheorgheni and its surroundings

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