Bicaz Gorge

Bicaz Gorge

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DN12C, Romania


The Bicaz Gorge are located in the Northeast of the country, in the Hășmaș mountains. They are considered among of the most beautiful gorges in Romania accessible to the tourists. Formed by Bicaz river, the gorges are traversed by DN12C and connect two historical areas of Romania: Moldova and Transylvania.

Vertical cliffs and dizzying heights, mountain springs, waterfalls large and small and caves make up the gorges' curiosities. Following the Bicaz Gorges, we are accompanied on the left side by the Tündérkert rocks, and after that by a monumental cliff, with a huge cross on the top. The name of the cliff is Oltárkő, and only in 1935 a group of Transylvanian climbers conquered its height of 1156 m.

Following the road, we meet other beautiful sights. The valley is getting narrower. On both sides, we could see 200-300 m vertical rock walls, with the Bicaz stream rushing at their feet. Then we arrive at the place called the Hell’s Gate, also called Hell's Neck.

The swollen stream sometimes reaches the size of a large river, and in the tight space between the cliffs, it makes a deafening sound.

After a while, the plain becomes unnoticeably gentler, reaching the confluence of the Tikos stream with Bicaz, where we find ourselves at the border between Transylvania and Moldova.

Photo: Desző Mátyás 
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