Butterfly House

Butterfly House

Family-friendly attraction / Landmark


CLOSED UNTIL 31 May 2024!

sing the experiences lived with the periodic butterfly house from Odorheiu Secuiesc, we opened the first permanent butterfly house in Romania, at Praid, Harghita county, on the spring of 2012. The building, created for this very purpose, is divided into two parts and is house to a reception area that communicates with a gift shop and to a so called “flying space” with a tropical microclimate that is decorated with tropical plants, a small lake and a circular walkway.

Our butterflies come to us from South-American, African and Asian butterfly farms as puppets. After their arrival, the puppets are installed in a hatchery especially built with this purpose, and, depending on species, wonderful butterflies hatch from the caterpillars after a few days. Each year, the butterfly house can be visited in the warm months and one can watch, usually at the same time, 8 up 9 different common species and several hundreds of specimens from the 6-7 changing species of butterflies.

Because butterflies’ lifetime is of only a few weeks, we are attentive, when changing, to bring new species, thus inviting our visitors to come again and again. Among our permanent guests, we would like to highlight the virtuoso Blue morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides), the graceful Zebra butterflies (Heliconiinae), the ever lazy Owl butterflies (Calligo memnon), as well as the Paper kite butterfly (Idea leuconoe), which floats in the air like a silky sheet. Our butterfly house offers moments of relaxation and of excitement, both to children and to adults.

Open every day from May to September.
8 RON - children, pupils, students
12 RON - adults, pensioners
under 3 years old are admitted for free


  • Praid

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