Vârghiş Gorge


Cheile Vârghişului, Meresti, Romania


Vârghiş Gorge is located in the Perșani mountains (1292 m), which belong to the Southern Group of the Oriental Carpathians. The gorge formed in Jurassic limestone and has a length of 4 km. 
It is at the border between Harghita and Covasna counties.

The Vârghiş Gorge and its caves form a protected area of ​​national interest corresponding to IUCN category IV (natural reserve), it has a total area of ​​800 ha and overlaps with the Natura 2000 protected area RO SPA 0027 Homoroade Hills.

Vârghiş Gorge hides a number of nearly 130 caves, of which 4 are open to the public. It is forbidden to visit them without proper equipment (helmets, headlamps, hiking shoes or rubber boots).

Access roads: 
- DN13A National Road Miercurea Ciuc – Vlăhiţa – go to the county road DJ132 towards Lueta - Mereşti; 
- National road DN12 Sfântu Gheorghe - Bodoc, enter left on the county road DJ122 to Băţanii Mari - Biborţeni – Baraolt. From there, turn right on the county road DJ131 towards Tălişoara and reach the village of Vârghiş. 

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