Csorgókő Waterfall from Vărșag

Csorgókő Waterfall from Vărșag

Natural attraction


Vărșag 537350, Romania


In the Vărşag forest, along the Fântâna Mare brook, is the Vărşag waterfall. Fueled by 7 springs, the stream's waters drop from a height of 7 meters, forming a beautiful two-step cascade. From here, it goes to Târnava Mare.

As we arrive up, we can go to the source of the brook, but also to a belvedere. To reach the springs, we have to follow the brook, and after about 0.5 km we reach the 7 springs that are heading to the valley. For the belvedere, we will continue to Talas hill. The belvedere built of wood is close. From here, we can admire the vast surface of Vărșag.

The water curtain stretches over a length of 200 meters.

During winter, the access to the waterfall, which freezes in two colors because of its minerals, is difficult. However, the curious hikers who want to see the fantastic shapes of the frozen water will venture to follow the difficult trail.

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