Dumbrava Harghitei Marsh

Natural reserve


Harghita County, Romania


The swamp is located Westward from Miercurea Ciuc, South of DN13A and North East of Băile Chirui, close to Festő spring. Access is easy, on a paved road.

The swamp covers over 2 hectares and has been included on the list of botanical reserves since 1980. The swamp is 120 meters long and 50 meters wide, and is fed by iron-rich mineral water springs. The power of healing of this water was discovered a long time ago, which is why a small bath was dug at the edge of the marsh.

The cool and humid microclimate has allowed the survival of special plant communities that exist in similar North European marshes. These species are called relicts, because they have remained from the ice age.

The marsh hosts plants such as Saxifraga hirculus, Paludella squarossa specific to sub-arctic areas (this plant grows in three places in the country) and Drosera rotundifolia.

Text and photo sources: http: //romanianturism.com/; http://www.greenharghita.ro/

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