Folk Museum – Satu Mare


Satu Mare 214, Romania


Along the highway between Miercurea Ciuc and Odorheiu Secuiesc, at Satu Mare 214 can be found a nicely designed country house. The property was acquired in 2000 with the help of enthusiastic supporters. After completing the most necessary repairs, the folk museum opened its doors to those interested in 2004.

The folk museum is a traditional village house that blends in harmoniously with the surrounding scene. The house of the Szekler man was made of wood and harrow wood. This explains the saying that the Szekler man does not build his house, he stacks it. And his gate? He raises that.

In its proportions and appearance, it does not impress, it does not show off, it does not speak to a rich man. With regard to his age, he already draws the attention of ethnographers to his proportions. The asymmetric façade windows and the furnace in the eaves, the very narrow chamber opening from the first house and the closed eaves suggest that this is an old house. There is no master beam that could identify the time of construction. During the repairs, a single tile with the year was found. The tile reads: "Bart Julianna Nagy samuelné Baroti Forestland 1887 BeoktoBer Ágnes Ballo 1887".
The original house was built sometime around the 19th century. century.


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