Folk Architecture at Comăneşti

Folk Architecture at Comăneşti

Architectural Objective


Comănești 537181, Romania


Comăneşti village, which belongs to the Mărtiniș commune, is probably the most peculiar settlement in the region. Comăneşti and Aldea villages were situated along the road linking the Vlăhiţa-Nouă forge with Braşov city. This was a commercial route with heavy traffic until the beginning of the 20th century. After 1918, the map was redesigned, the main road bypassed these villages, the forging operation was gradually stopped and these villages became isolated.

These facts contributed to the preservation of the intact buildings of the region, keeping the specific characteristics of the Homorod Valley architecture, of a special beauty, the aspects of a traditional folk architecture, where form and function were organically linked together.

Despite the fact that it is a unique village, it now has a bleak, deserted aspect. It has a valuable patrimony, but its stately homes are deserted due to its isolation.

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