Folk Museum – Remetea


Gyergyóremete, Bánya utca 11. sz.


The folk museum of Remetea was established in 2001 when the local government and the Avully-Remete Foundation purchased a porch house near the village center. The building became the home of the ethnographic collection that was created in 1970 and has since expanded.
Interesting story of the house is that every member of the family who once lived here was a teacher, including the head of the family and his wife, as well as their two daughters and son.

The long porch house consists of three rooms, a pantry and a summer kitchen. In one of the rooms (in the former kitchen) there is a traditional room interior, in the middle there is an exhibition of the specific tools of backyard management, and in the third one is the memorial room of Tibor Cseres, depicting the work of the great born.


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