Gyopár Guesthouse

Camping / Guest house


Izvoare 537362, Romania


Our guesthouse is 26 km away from Odorheiu Secuiesc, and can be reached by following the direction of the Târnava Mare river, until arriving in the center of the Izvoare village. Gyopár Guesthouse awaits its guests in a pleasant environment, where the clean air of the coniferous forests and the endless gurgle of the Ivó stream ensures a wonderful atmosphere and perfect relaxation. The guesthouse is at 795 m altitude.

There is a gazebo in the courtyard. There are 5 wooden bungalows, each with two beds, a children's gallery, a bathroom, a table, a cupboard and a TV. In front of the cottages there are playgrounds for the children. The lake has trout, which offers you the opportunity to test your fisherman's skills.


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  • Izvoare

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