Henter Mansion

Henter Mansion

Mansion / Monument / Architectural Objective


Sântimbru/Csíkszentimre 537271, Romania


The Henter family of Sepsiszentivány probably built the still standing mansion in the 18th Century, presumably on the spot of an earlier structure connected to the Hadnagy family.
During the 18th Century the ill-fated Ádám Henter Sr. lived and worked here along with his wife, Krisztina Sármasági. Their son, the eventual Baron Ádám Henter Jr. (1714-1781) was born here, and following the Siculicidum he became the King’s Judge of Csíkszék. He, along with his wife, Borbála Nagy of Petk, is remembered by local knowledge as the patron of the settlement, since he offered significant help with restoring the local church. The family’s next member, Baron Antal Henter (1748-1824) served as imperial chamberlain and sheriff of Udvarhelyszék, his wife was Countess Anna Heller. Out of their six children József Henter (1791-1867) was the last male descendant of the family.  With his demise the Henter family’s branch, which received the Baron title, completely died out. József Henter, known for his charity, his patronage of the theather and museums, was buried in the family crypt in Csíkszentimre, even though he had lived in Kelementelke. In his will he left a significant sum for building the church’s tower in Csíkszentimre. His only heir was his adopted daughter – the Baroness from Zágon, Irén Szentkereszti.

In 1878 Endre Székely from Pókakeresztúr (1835-1903) the sheriff of Csíkszentmárton bought up the sizable estate and moved in the mansion along with his wife, Adél Babolcs. At this time the local vicar, Sándor Veress noted in the domus historia that „this transaction was very much to the advantage of the village.”
In 1922 the local parish bought parts of the estate from the heirs of Endre Székely, „along with the mansional house and with the outbuildings.” – noted in the domus historia by vicar Balázs Kovács. Later the parish was forced to give up the building of the parochial school in favor of the state, and so in 1948 the denominational school moved into the building. This structure also served as the cultural center of the village while also housing the local cinema from 1934 until the erection of the newly built cultural center, in 1973. István Salló, teacher and cultural organizer created the first village museun of the Csík-basin in the mansion. During the 1970’s a few rooms were still utilized as classrooms, but after this the building stood empty for decades and almost went completely derelict, even though there were several attempts after the regime change in 1989 to restore the building, with the cooperation of the Szekler Museum of Csík.

In 2011 the Mayors’s Office of Csíkszentimre bought the building for 233335 leis. Its restoration took place between 2020 and 2023 with the help of the European Union, within the framework of the Regional Operative Program. The plans for the restoration were carried out by several architectural companies, led by the architect Szabolcs Guttman and coordinated by the Vallum Inc. from Csíkszereda and Szabolcs Korodi.

Visits to Henter Mansion are by appointment.
For reservations call +40 788 125 166 at least three working days before arrival, at Monday to Friday between 9AM to 3PM.
Ticket price: 10 RON/person

The garden of the Mansion can be visited free of charge. By scanning the QR codes on the trees, you can learn information about them.


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