Anita House

Anita House


Gheorgheni km 6 spre Lacu Rosu, Gheorgheni, Romania


The Anita guesthouse has 5 rooms and a kitchen + living room, out of which 4 double rooms and a room with 6 beds. An essential accessory for today's requirements is the bathroom, found separately in each room.
The 6-bedded room was designed for large families, or for groups of friends, who do not wish to be separated during their shorter or longer vacations, not even at night. Based on our experiences thus far, we can state that those groups that were not truly excited about this at the beginning, enjoyed themselves the most here at the end, this was the place with the most laughter, jokes and joyfulness. In the room with 6 beds there are two twin beds facing to 2 single beds, which are separated from each other to a certain extent by the bathroom located in the middle.
The uniqueness and the atmosphere of the furniture and of the decorative elements of the house is given by the Szekler woodcarving motifs, which are a result of the strenuous work that lasted several months of the carpenter Csíki Áron from Gheorgheni.


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