Iron path – Via Ferrata

Iron path – Via Ferrata

Climbing / Tourist program


Both the phrase and the activity come from the Dolomites in Italy.
Safe climbing requires technical equipment: harness, shock-absorbing bridle, helmet and gloves.
In the Red Lake tourist destination there is only one such built-in iron climbing road, which bears the name of Wild Ferenc, and is built on the south-western side of the Suhardul Mic/Kis-Cohárd. Its total length is 200 meters and the level difference is 170 meters.
Nearby there is another such ironed climbing path in the Munticelu/Munticseli nature reserve called Astragalus with a total length of 700 meters, divided into 5 climbing paths and the level difference of the main route is 285 meters.
Participation requirements: minimum height 1.6 meters and minimum weight 40 kilograms (below 40 kilograms, the shock-absorbing bridle is not activated).
In these programs we provide: seat belt, shock-absorbing bridle, safety helmet, guide (cave rescue specialist).
The program can be held from April to November, depending on weather conditions.
Before each tour, participants complete a declaration of their own responsibility and we recommend accident insurance.

Program location: Harghita county
Destination: Bicaz Gorge-Hășmaș National Park
Program price:
  • Wild Ferenc: 70 ron / person min. 5 people
  • Astragalus: 90 ron / person min. 5 people

Program overview

  • Sport
  • Nature
  • Climbing


  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Duration of the program

  • 2 hours/ore/óra

Tour guide

  • Simon László


  • Gheorgheni and its surroundings

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