Grota Urșilor (The Bear's Cave)

Grota Urșilor (The Bear's Cave)


Borsec 535300, Romania


The Bears Cave is a karst formation represented by an ensemble of deep and narrow corridors, sometimes extended with niches, hollows and small caves, formed by the natural erosion of limestone under the action of waters.

The cave was named after the discovery of some remains belonging to cave bears (Ursus spelaeus). Next to it, there is another similar cave, called Cerdacul Iadului (Hell's Hallway).

The site is located in the southern part of the Wine Valley, the largest travertine deposit in the Borsec Depression. The site is part of the karstic ensemble of Scaunul Rotund (natural reserve of geological and botanical type). This reserve is north of Borsec City and east of Borsec resort, and covers forty hectares.

You can reach the cave from the resort, next to the springs 10 (Kossuth), 11 (Petőfi), Poiana Zânelor. You need to descend a bit on a path marked with the red triangle. There are several signposts in Poiana Zânelor.

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