Medveakadémia Bear Observatory

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Medveakadémia Bear Observatory offers an unforgettable relaxing opportunity for those who want to know more about the "Carpathian bear". The Carpathian Bear, or the King of the Carpathians, is presented to you from the modern, secure lane, at the foot of the Gurghiului Mountains, in Gheorgheni Depression.
We don't invite you to the zoo, nor to a beautiful park, we take you to the wild.

It is good to know that the bear is not a domestic animal, and even if it returns to places where it finds food, it is not at all certain that for reasons of its own it will not occur (the chances are not very small. but it can happen very easily if we do not respect basic rules of conduct.

Talking loudly, smoking, alcoholic beverages or the use of a mobile phone are prohibited in loud or near loud. The phone can be used as a photo camera, provided it is silent. It is strictly forbidden to leave the path or walk in the wood near the lounging, as well as the production of noises of any kind. The one who participates in the Academy of Beaches are asked to wear darker clothes and avoid dressing with strident colours.

During the luncheon (about 3 hours) you will be joined by a field hunter who will provide you with information about how to live, habits and adventures in the bears life.

An important role is played by the bear LEKVÁR (GEM), a brave little bear now mature, and who played an important role in building the hideout.
Starting usually takes place in Gheorgheni, around 18.00, or at other times set in advance.

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