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Strada Carpați, nr. 2 Gheorgheni 535500, Románia


The building hosting our bistro and pansion is situated in the centre of Gheorgheni, a town among the Eastern Carpathian mountains, at an altitude of 850 m neighbouring the passes Bicaz and Izvorul Mureșului. Surrounded by the Hășmaș mountains on the one side and Ciahlău on the other as well as the Ciuc mountains on the south, this small town has been established on the banks of the Belchiei stream from a distance of 59 km from Miercurea Ciuc, in the eastern part of Transylvania. It's neighbouring villages are: Valea Strâmba, Joseni and Lăzarea.

Should we go east, we get to see the Red Lake, which is on the lap of the Hășmaș mountains. 26 km far from the town lies one of the most beautiful lakes of Transylvania, which is 983 m above sea level. Leaving the lake we arrive to the valley of Bicaz Lake. This is the longest and most beautiful canyon of the Carpatii Orientali. The pass is a mountaineer's paradise with it's 200-300 m tall, vertical cliff walls, a unique site in Europe.

Leaving the town northwards, the village Lăzarea offers tourists the possibility of visiting the Lázár Castle, which is an astonishing renaissance building from the 17th century.


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