The Szekler Memorial in Nyerges

The Szekler Memorial in Nyerges

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DN11B, 537066, Romania


The Nyerges (RO: Pasul Cașin) commemorative complex marks an important moment in the history of the Szeklers, one of the last military confrontations in the Revolutionary and Independence War of 1848-1849. Here, about 200 Szekler soldiers who fought in the Hungarian revolutionary army against the imperial Tsarist and Austrian armies met their end in 1849.

In their honor, a 5.4 m high stone monument was built in 1897, the work of the Italian sculptor Poulini, who lived in Jigodin (Miercurea Ciuc).

After the year 2000, another memorial consisting of Szekler-style funerary monuments was raised on top of the mass grave, located about 100 m north of the monument.

Photo: Szőke Éva


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