Peștera de Gheață (The Ice Cave)

Peștera de Gheață (The Ice Cave)


Borsec 535300, Romania


The Ice Cave in Borsec is part of the Scaunul Rotund Hill karst area, the most important travertine deposit in the country (white-gray limestone tuff, which could be polished and used in construction, ornamentation of facades).

Over time, water made several karst formations, including the Peștera de Gheață.

The karst area stretches over an area of ​​70 hectares. The travertine from here was used to decorate many institutions in Romania, including the Palace of the Parliament and some Bucharest metro stations.

The cave got its name due to the water infiltrations that freeze and take the form of stalactites and stalagmites. They thicken in winter, and melt in late spring or summer. In front of the cave, you could feel the cold air from inside.

You can reach the cave by following a short hiking route through the forest, starting from the edge of the resort and following the red cross on a white background marking. After you pass Mofeta (The Ancient Spring), you will reach the Ice Cave.

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