Pietrele Roșii (The Red Stones)

Natural reserve


Tulgheș 537330, Romania


The Natural Red Stone Reserve covers an area of ​​10 hectares in the administrative territory of Tulgheş commune. The reserve could be accessed from a forest road (Prisecani road intersecting DN 15 at km 223 + 400). This road can be traveled either on foot, on the marked route, or with off-road cars. The road passes a ferrous, carbonated mineral spring.
Before planning your trip, you must also take into consideration that camping is prohibited in the area.

The Red Stones massif rises above Tulgheş commune, being a prominent limestone cliff with a maximum altitude of 1,215 meters, which offer a wonderful view of the surroundings. The reserve has a southern orientation and is characterized by short, narrow, deep valleys, covered by forests and meadows.

The ground conditions allowed for the development of an endemic vegetation, with rare plant species, the reserve having a phytogeographical importance: here we could find Astragalus romeri, whose range is very limited in our country, Delphinium simonkaianum, Hieracium pojoritense, Silene zawadskii or Cerastium transilvanicum.

Photo Sources: http://informatiahr.ro/; http://www.greenharghita.ro

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