Quad Adventure Tour

Quad Adventure Tour


The experience starts with a discussion about the safety standards. Subsequently the participants receive a helmet each and then the structure of the quad is shown to them. At first the pace will be slow on the route as to have enough time to get acquainted with and get used to the quad. After acquiring the primary techniques the real experience begins. We proceed on the planned route guided by an experienced, trained tour guide. Lighter, harder, faster and more technical sections will alternate. Sitting in the saddle we are able to feel and enjoy the quad's exceptional abilities. It is possible to take a break at any time during the tour.

One must be at least 16 years of age in order to take part in the quad riding experience. You don't need to have any previous experience with quads and it is easily manageable for ladies as well.

It is recommended that participants wear clothes that they don't mind if they get dirty because during the ride you might get mud on them. It is advisable to bring a change of clothes for the home ride. Long trousers and closed shoes must be worn at all times. It is recommended to wear warm clothing and boots in winter.

The tour guide accompanies the quads with a Polaris RZR RANGER type 800 jeep, so a friend or a family member can also participate in the tour. You can put changes of clothes or other packages in the car as well. (The accompanying person is not charged for the tour)

Suggested route: (Note: Present route can be changed on request.)

Korond - Kalonda-roof - Pálfalva - Kecset - Jesus' heart observation tower - The observation tower from Oroszhegy - Szencsed - Székelyvarság - The Moor of Fenyőkút - Korond.

The Quad Adventure Tour can be booked for any day of the week. The proposed departure time for the tour requiring 6-7 hours is 10:00 a.m.

Quads for rent:

Suzuki King Quad type 700 (4 pieces)
- For one person, 4 X 4, automatic gearbox. (If necessary, even for two people)
Bombardier Outlander type 800 (1 piece)
- For two people, 4 X 4, automatic gearbox.
Bombardier Renegate type 800 (1 piece)
- For one person, 4 X 4, automatic gearbox.


Day tour: (available in case of renting a minimum of 2 quads)
120 Euros/quad/1 person/tour
150 Euros/quad/2 people/tour

Half-day tour: (available in case of renting a minimum of 5 quads)
70 Euros/quad/1 person/tour
80 Euros/quad/2 people/tour

Have fun! We wish you a pleasant stay!

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