Sacred Heart of Jesus Church


Str. Balázs Orbán, 75, Com. Ditrau, Harghita, 537090, Ditrău 537090, Romania


The church was built between 1908-1913 based on the projects plans of István Kiss, academic professor and architect. By 1913, thanks to thorough elaborations, the church is completed. The exterior of the church needed two years of work, so it was completed in the summer of 1911.
The two towered, neo-gothic Basilica’s dimensions are 56 m length, 23 m width, 75 m height of tower and it is able to take in 3,000 people, if crammed in even 5,000 people. The ceiling of the church is domed, held by huge pillars and the bow-members are decorative elements as well. On the window-glass can be recognized the Gothic style. The sanctuary also represents a significant value. Its whole surface is painted and decorated with figural composition made by secco technique.


  • Ditrău

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