Saint Ilie Monastery Toplita


E578 89, Toplița 535700, Romania


The Patriarch Dr. Elie Miron Cristea founded the monastery of Saint Prophet Elijah in Topliţa, at the foot of the Calimani Mountains in 1928. Undoubtedly, the most spectacular and valuable part of the building complex is represented by the monument church of the monastery, the so-called Church of Stânceni, which was built in 1847 and moved to Toplita in 1910. The building is a masterpiece of folk architecture, using the specific architectural solutions of the Moldavian craftsmen, with arches made of wood.

The porch entrance to the church is on the southern side, decorated with arches supported by sculpted columns and has a small tower over it.

The walls of the sanctuary form a pentagon, covered by an octagonal dome. The nave's bolt has a semi-cylindrical shape, placed on an octagonal-shaped foundation extended to the west.

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