Salt Crystal log cabins

Salt Crystal log cabins


Located in South-East Transylvania, Harghita county of central Romania, Salt Crystal offers a fine holiday experience in a very effective way. Nine log cabins built to accommodate up to four persons each, created with our guests in mind to provide a home away from home, where one always would like to return.

A rapidly developing town named Praid gives home to Salt Crystal, two major attractions are the basis of the growing tourism. The "Salt Halls" created by the partial exploitation of a huge salt block, located underground here at the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. In the recent years this salt halls developed into a resort to reap the benefits of a 100% bacteria free environment, which is proven to treat and soothe, some of the respiratory problems and rheumatism. The regions natural salt water wells give the idea of building a spa right next to the salt halls, creating an outstanding retreat for the visitors of Praid.

In addition to this there are many activities in Praid, where one can get familiar with the famous local gastronomy, different festivals, exhibitions and folk traditions of the region. Neighboring towns are great contributors to the enjoyment of the area, Sovata a widely recognized town from its tourism, built around natural salt lakes and spas. Corund the center of the folk artifacts and handmade goods, it is a never ending source of traditional folk arts.

Visiting the famous Transylvania castles, fortresses from Salt Crystal, it is very convenient given its central location. We also gladly provide guidance to our guests at request and assist any possible way.

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