Tarisznyás Márton Museum in Gheorgheni

Tarisznyás Márton Museum in Gheorgheni

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Strada Rákóczi Ferenc 1, Gheorgheni 535500, Romania


The museum in Gheorgheni bears the name of its founder, Tarisznyás Márton (1927-1980), historian, curator and ethnographer, who mapped the traditional folk world of Gheorgheni area.

The museum hosts three permanent exhibitions. The first is divided into two categories: the Szekler-Magyar and Armenian folk ports in the Gheorgheni area, along with the folk port of the Csangos, the Romanians from Voşlobeni and the Gypsies from Gheorgheni, and the tools and materials used to weave them.

The second exhibition displays minerals, rocks, crystals and fossils found in the Gheorgheni area and not only, and in the third exhibition we can see the paintings of János Karácsony.

Note that the mineral exhibition is one of the largest collections of its kind in the country, in terms of diversity.

Besides these, of course, there are temporary exhibitions and many thematic activities at different times of the year.

The building hosting the Tarisznyás Márton Museum was built between 1770 and 1778, in Baroque style. It is one of the oldest private houses of the city.

Text source: http://www.visitgheorgheni.ro


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