The wooden church "Arhanghelii Mihail și Gavril" - Tulgheş

The wooden church "Arhanghelii Mihail și Gavril" - Tulgheş

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Tulgheș 537330, Romania


The wooden church in Tulgheş, Harghita county was built in 1828 and was dedicated to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

The church is located in Putna Valley, in front of a fir tree curtain. It has a trilobate plane with a rectangular narthex, polygonal side apses finished with three sides and an unhooked altar apse.

There is a porch with carved pillars on the south side, raised by a small bell tower.

The nave's bolt is polygonal, with curved strips starting from a carved, painted rosette (keystone). The ceiling of the narthex, as well as the surfaces of the nave, which make the transition from the polygonal plane of the vault to the rectangular, rest on carved consoles.

Ten moments from the life of Jesus Christ are painted on the nave's vault. The painting can be attributed to Moldovan Gregory of Târgu Pietrii, in the middle of the nineteenth century.

The monument church was repaired in 1976 with the contribution of the community in Tulgheș.

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