The Kőzúgó Waterfall

The Kőzúgó Waterfall

Natural attraction


Ciumani 537050, Romania


The Kőzúgó Waterfall is a charming place hidden in the forests of the Szeklerland, a spot that enchants the passerby, not by its magnificence (it measures just over 3.5 m), but by its wildness and naturalness.

Balázs Orbán, an ethnographer and writer from Harghita county, described it very poetically, considering that nature has sculpted the rocks around the waterfall so that man can comfortably admire the unique flow of the water, which "breaks the stones".

The Stone Breaker has a particular significance due to the numerous water mills.

It is easy to find the waterfall because there are hiking trails crossing the area, near Ciumani.

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