Time Travel- horse drawn cart tour

Time Travel- horse drawn cart tour

Family-friendly activity / Horse-cart ride / Tourist program


Fenyőkút 537063, Románia


Location: Harghita County, Corund/Korond
Destination: Salt Land
Program price: 

  • 1990 RON / cart, 6-10 people / cart.
  • in case of <=5 person, 1740 RON
The price includes everything except the arrival to the center of Fântâna Brazilor/Fenyőkút.
We travel with covered horse-drawn carriages or sledges to the amazing plateau of Fântâna Brazilor/Fenyőkút and Valea lui Pavel/Pálpataka, where we gain insight into the animal husbandry lifestyle of self-sufficient family farms that have remained unchanged since the time of our grandparents.
In one of the farms the owners are waiting for us with a cold lunch. Homemade bread, boiled eggs, 5-6 kinds of spicy smoked homemade cheese, orda (cottage cheese, made from whey of cow milk), butter, bacon, sausage, brandies (pálinka), jams, tea, coffee are on the table.
We visit the Fântâna Brazilor/Fenyőkút Peat Bog, a strictly protected habitat that preserves Siberian flora, which has been unchanged for 10,000 years.
We will also visit the local Tofigem manufactory, where a presentation will be given on the herbs and medicinal effects of forest fruits and medicinal plants from the surrounding grasslands. You can taste more than 100 types of products, most of which are made from wild fruits and meadow herbs collected from the wild.

All our tours require a reservation:
We also offer guided tours in nature reserves:

Program overview

  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Culinary
  • Horse-cart ride


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Duration of the program

  • 1 day/zi/nap

Tour guide

  • Pál Zoltán


  • Odorheiu Secuiesc and its surroundings


  • Fântâna Brazilor

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