Tusnad Traverse

Tusnad Traverse


Oltului 81, Baile Tusnad, Romania, 535100


Did you know that Szeklerland is the home of sleeping volcanoes, historical places, legends and treasures of nature? Explore it with us!

Our tours:
 ● Twin Volcano tour
Two volcanoes can be found in the Csomad mountains. Thanks to these mountains a decent amount of natural treasures. These are the location we will visit on this tour.
Route (4 hours): Accomodation - Câmpia lungă (sheepfold visit where & cheese and curd tasting ) - Lake Sfânta Ana Panorama Viewpoint - Muchia Lacului - Băile Tușnad – Accomodation
Price: 150 RON/person

Saint Anna lake tour
Szent Anna Lake – Behind Anna`s legend tour. It is more than possible that the people who visit Transylvania have been to the Szent Anna Lake wether by car wether on foot. To me personally, this place brings back memories of my childhood, when we were allowed to camp at Mohos by the Forrest. Every time we here, it is like magic.
Route (4 hours): Băile Tușnad - Mohos Peat-Bog - Lake Sfânta Ana - Băile Tușnad
Price: 120 RON/person

Ciuc Mountains tour
Whether its winter, spring summer or autumn the Csiki Snowy mountains always give you a memory that shall not be forgotten. If the sun shines, then that's the reason it's beautiful, because you can see the small villages nearby. If it's snowing then the reason it’s beautiful is because of the snowy trees that give you the view of a lifetime.
Route (4-5 hours): Accomodation - Ciucsângeorgiu - Armășeni - Potiond - Alexander's Peak - Blizzard Peak
Price: 200 RON/person

Úz Valley historical tour - Cemetery of Úz Valley Tour
In the past few months, this location got a decent amount of media coverage. Before not many people knew this place ever existed, it’s a hidden location with a great historical meaning. These days everybody wants it for himself. If you are interested in the history of this monument join our tour.
Route (12 hours): Nyergestető historical coffee and guesthouse - Peak of the goat - Peak of the priest - Uz Pass - Cinod - Heroes Cemetery in Ocloși - Battlefield of Ocloși - Tulgheș Pass - The fountain of archduke Franz Joseph - Cașinului basin and mountains - Nyergestető historical coffee and guesthouse
Price: 220 RON/person

Bálványos tour      
Just like most of the places in Transylvania Balvanyos also has a legend. This legend
is nota s commonly knows as the one from Szent Anna. Besides the breathtaking view,
we can also find out where did the Apor girls bath.
Route (4-5 hours): Accomodation - Nyerges Pass - Balaj Hill - Cecelea Peak - Bálványos Castle - Apor Bath - Lake Sf. Ana - Câmpia lungă - Băile Tușnad
Price: 200 RON/person

● Sunrise Experience
You think that waking up to see the sunrise is only worth it on the beach.
 We can guarantee you that it can be just as beautiful when it comes out of the mountains.
 Our folk has a saying here: Who wakes up early, finds gold. This saying is true when the fog hits the Csiki cove, the rising sun warms our heart up, not to say the fog from above doesn't look so melancholic after all.            
Besides the adventure, our "Sunrise Experience" tours will recharge your spiritual batteries in this spectacular natural setting. We will also take care of your growling belly with a traditional breakfast served on the terraces of our wooden houses. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama over the settlements of the lower part of the Ciuc Basin.
Price: 120 RON/person

Tour Almási Cave
Our tour begins with an extraordinary history lesson in Nyergestető Historical Cafe, introducing the memorial site of the Székely Heroes who died in the Battle of Nyergestető. Our journey takes us through the southern course of Harghita Hill, stopping at the most important points, explaining their characteristics. We are heading towards Erdőfüle, touching the smoky bath of Szentimrei, the Black Desert, the Kormos creek and Szelters. The Defile of Vargyas approached from Almas on the road called Wolf, where we will have lunch. This followed by a walk of about 1.5 kilometres along the mountain path that leads to the mouth of the Almási Cave. After the cave adventures, we go back to our off-road vehicles and head home, heading from Vargyas towards the Csík Basin through the valley of the Kormos creek.
The off-road hike is 140km back and forth in 8-10 hours.
Route: Nyergestető Historical Cafe - Szentimrei Stinky Bath - Black Dessert - Kormos Creek - Szeltersz - Wolf Trail - Almási Cave - Erdőfüle - Kormos Creek – Nyergestető
Price: 220 RON/person


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