“Várféle” – The fortress of Porumbenii Mari

“Várféle” – The fortress of Porumbenii Mari


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Porumbenii Mari/Nagygalambfalva 537214, Romania


3 kilometres from Porumbenii Mari/Nagygalambfalva, on the “Várfele” hillside, rising above the valley of the “Vágás” stream, there was a castle in ancient times and in the Árpád era. In the 13th and 14th centuries it served as a refuge for the villagers.

On the banks of the “Vágás” stream, the locals joined forces to build an imaginary replica of the former fortress in 2023. The building, called “Várféle” (meaning: castle-like), is located next to the Spring of the Sad Princess and also serves as an observation tower. The building incorporates the style of the old church forts, castles and medieval fortifications of Szeklerland. A small fish pond has been created nearby. 
The “Várféle” can be visited any time for free.

According to legend, the castle on the “Várfele” hillside, whose remains are now only relics and artefacts, was built by Prince Csaba (in Hungarian mythology, the youngest son of Attila, King of the Huns) and left to one of his daughters. From the tears of Csaba's orphaned granddaughter sprang the spring that is now called the Spring of the Sad Princess. Another legend tells that there was a lake near the castle, at the bottom of which a huge white snake holds fabulous treasures. 

Photos: Mihálydeák Antal

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