Toplița thermal waterfall

Toplița thermal waterfall

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Strada Cascadei 9, Luncani 535700, Romania


The thermal waterfall in Toplița has been declared a natural monument, a protected area of ​​national interest and a biological and landscape nature reserve.

The total area of ​​the reserve is 0.5 hectares. The water reaches a temperature of 27 degrees and is very rich in calcium.

The peculiar aspect of the waterfall is due to the changing colors that delight the eyes. The colors reflected by the water (from white to dark brown) are caused by the presence of travertine in the lower layers, which is in a continuous process of sedimentation. The waterfall is fed by the springs from Bradul resort.

One of its unique features is that the waterfall seldom freezes, keeping its temperature warm even in the middle of winter.

However, during the winter of 2014, when the region recorded minus 29 degrees Celsius, the waterfall froze, and then, after a sudden rise in temperature, a part of the rock wall collapsed.

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