Caracău Viaduct

Caracău Viaduct


Livezi/Lóvész, Romania


The Caracău Viaduct is a railway viaduct on the Miercurea Ciuc - Ghimeș section, which was put into operation on 18 October 1897.

The viaduct was completely destroyed in 1944 as a result of World War II battles. From December 1944 until 12 February 1945, the Romanian engineers built a provisional, completely wooden (3,600 cubic meters) wooden viaduct. This was a unique performance in the history of railway constructions.

In parallel, a new viaduct was built, and it was put into operation on 14 September 1946. The new construction of the viaduct was the largest railway bridge made of reinforced concrete in Romania. The total length of the viaduct is 264 m, the vault has an opening of 100 m and the arrow is 37 m. The width of the vault is 6.50 m at the top and 10 m at the base. The vault section has 2.5 m at the top and 4.8 m at the base.

Photo: Bartalis Zsombor

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