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Str. Bethlen Gábor 768, Lăzarea/Gyergyószárhegy



The Apitherapy House, which has won the Szekler Product trademark, is unique in Harghita, Mureş and Covasna Counties. It was the third such house in Romania to be built, providing treatments that uses honey bee products.
We are waiting for everyone in a beautiful environment, next to a stream, with a picnic opportunity, our apitherapy house and quality honey.

What is apitherapy?
The term apitherapy refers to the healing use of bee products and endowments. Beekeeping products contain concentrated active ingredients of plants, mixed with bees' metabolites, special enzymes and hormones.
Plant-based apitherapy product e.g. honey, pollen, propolis. Animal products (bee-derived products) are royal jelly, bee venom and beeswax. From a physiological point of view, they are characterized by the concentration of vital substances necessary for the functioning of the body. Their regular consumption helps to maintain health and strengthen the immune system.
Due to the characteristics and nature of the bees, they provide an opportunity for natural bioresonance and hive air therapy.
All apitherapy products and treatments are natural and healthy for the human body.

Bee beds
Each living thing has a unique vibration. Internal unity and vibration level are prerequisites for the perfect functioning of the immune system. If the bio-vibration of the human's body is less than the required vibration level, is more difficult to heal. With the beehive’s special essential oil climate, the bio-vibration produced by thousands of bees, and the micro-vibrations generated by their wings, the bee beds help and multiply the healing process.
This therapy is recommended for: stress, degeneration, pain, metabolism, hormones, neurology, relaxation, sleep enhancement, digestion, oxygen supply, flexibility, coordination, immunostimulation, chronic fatigue, anti-inflammatory, learning difficulties.
The recommended treatment is 60-120 minutes 7-10 times a week, depending on the severity of the disease.
Our service is seasonal! Available from May to September.

Beehive air therapy
The hive has a humidity of 90% and a temperature of 35 degrees, and yet no fungi or viruses multiply in it. It is a completely sterile, hygienic environment where 50 to 100 thousand bees can live. This is due to the propolis used by the bees to patch the side of the hive. The air in the hive has long been used to cure diseases.
Hive air has an effective and versatile healing effect. As an outcome of a doctor-led experiment in Germany, the direct inhalation of beehive air (with or without an inhalation mask) resulted in significant improvement in the following diseases:
  • asthma (beneficially relieves mucositis of the bronchi of the lungs in 80% of cases)
  • croup cough
  • allergic dyspnea
  • burnout syndrome (increased emotional strain leading to physical, emotional, mental exhaustion due to constant stress)
  • sleep disturbance (due to increased stress factors)
  • anxiety, restlessness.
Recommended treatment 4-6 times a week for 30-60 minutes.
Our service is seasonal! Available from April to August.

Beekeeping study trail
1. Visit the Apitherapy House and get more information on how it works.
2. View an old collection of beekeeping tools.
3. Presentation of beekeeping activity.
4. Walk along a study trail with many interesting sights.
5. Mountain and artisan honey tasting.
We provide protective equipment for visitors up to 25 people.
Recommended program duration: 3 hours.

Additional services
  • we provide purchasing opportunities for beekeeping products;
  • alpine and artisanal honey tasting;
  • transparent outdoor beehive installation (seasonal);
  • beekeeping equipment collection;
  • overcoming fear of bees (therapeutic method).


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