Climbing Path - Altar Rock - Cheile Bicazului

Climbing Path - Altar Rock - Cheile Bicazului


Piatra Altarului, Romania


Route status is relative. The eastern ridge does not have obvious protection in the first 3 lengths, Vânătorii de Munte has orientation problems, the sixth regrouping from "Umbra Muchiei" is made in friends.

Access Route: Going down to the keys, about 200 meters ahead of the tunnel, a road crossing the Bicaz heads left. A few years ago here was the Cheile Bicazului Chalet, completely destroyed by a fire.

The trail (obviously from place to place) starts in the forest and after about 5 minutes descends to Lapoşului valley where you can pass to the other shore. After another 10 minutes of climbing, you reach a fir tree on which an arrow symbolizes a split. To the left, go to the entrances on most routes, and to the right onto the entrances to the Northwest Pillar and the Classic Route.

Retract route: All routes reach the peak. From here, the Classic Route (2-3 bobbins depending on the ropes we have) goes downwards and from the entrance it continues descending to the point of branching.

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