Bear watching in Băile Tuşnad

Bear watching in Băile Tuşnad


Strada Gării 27, Băile Tușnad 535100, Romania


It is well known that tourists coming to Băile Tușnad want to see bears. We have decided that we will provide this experience under safety and controlled conditions. Beside the fact that taking selfies with bears is dangerous, seeing a bear feeding from trashes it’s clearly not the greatest experience. Moreover, we would like for our visitors to show the king of Carpathian Basin in their natural habitat from world-class hides.

Since 2017 we run a successful bear hide at Băile Tușnad. Bence Máté, one of the world’s most famous wildlife photographers chose the best location, which could fit in a fairy tale, based on many years of research. Bence dreamed a modern hide, suited for current needs and carefully chose the perfect location for photography.

The hide is sealed and perfectly safe. Bears can be observed and photographed in their natural habitat through a large, one-way glass.

Even if the hide was built for tourists, it is the best hide for photography not only in Transilvania, but also in Europe. During the designing and building process, we pay attention to create the best circumstances for amateur photographers too

We provide a quality time spend for 20 people. Many of the visitors try each of our two hides, one for a day and the other for next day. The program starts two hours before sunset and it can be well combined with other tourist programs. For example, the best choice is to visit the Saint Anne lake or Mohos peat bog – the most popular tourist attractions – but is also can be combined with a picnic or visiting the “Igazi Csíki Sör” beer manufactory.

The program starts from the train station Băile Tușnad. Depending on the number of people and the weather, we go to the hide with an off-road vehicle or horse-drawn carriage. The carriage waits for us in the forest, 500 meters away from the train station. After a 30 minutes ride on carriage, we walk 300 meters to the hide. The tour takes place in a natural environment, so it is highly recommended to prepare for a possible rain and to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.

Come and see the king of the Carpathian Basin in full spender, in its throne hall.

The meeting place is 80 meters away from the only one gas station located in Băile Tușnad.

Suitable both for tourists and photographers 
Season: All season 
Capacity: 20 people 
Photographing conditions: Excellent 
Comfort level: Excellent

Built: 2017 
Location: Băile Tușnad, Romania 
Nearest airport: Bucharest 
Ideal focal length: 200 – 500 mm 
Recommended clothing: hiking clothes suited for the season, dark outwear on the top. Umbrella or rain coat (in case of raining) 
Before midday: front light 
After midday: back light 
Distance on foot: 300 meter 
Visiting hours: 2 hours before sunset

One-way glass: 2 pieces 2500 mm x 700 mm 
Reflector: reflectors suitable for observing bears at night 
Heating system

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