Golden Eagle Watching and Photography



The Golden Eagle is one of the greatest and also the rearest prey species of the Carpathian Mountains. Local ornithology experts estimate its population to be only 90-150 pairs in Romania. The best chances to watch and photograph this timid eagle species in the wild is from at feeding site. Our eagle photography hide in the Eastern Carpathians is close to Odorheiu Secuiesc where 3 different Golden Eagles have been feeding on baits on the best days. The winter feeding has been regular here from the year 2016, and the eagles have got to used to coming to this site, especially wintertime after a really cold period when the weather gets slightly warmer. Other species possible to photograph from the Eagle hide are Raven, Magpie, Deer, Fox and Boar. 

Golden Eagle photography is for serious photographers, because one needs to be prepared to spend a full day in the photo hide. The best time to photograph Golden Eagles in the Eastern Carpathians is midwinter, from end of December until February when the shortish winter days and cold weather force the birds to visit feeding sites actively. 
Our photo hide has heating and good quality glass windows, while the birds can be spotted about 25 m from the hide. When photographing you need to enter the hides an hour before sunrise and you can leave the hide, depending on the eagles activity, as your guide instructs.

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