Sânpaul Ornithological Refuge

Sânpaul Ornithological Refuge


Sânpaul 537188, Romania


For observation of avifauna, we recommend visiting the area during spring - autumn, because the lakes are frozen in the winter. During summer you can watch the nesting species, and in spring and autumn can appear rare guests among the migratory birds that rest here.

Sânpaul's ornithological retreat has a legal status of protection at county and national level, but it is also an integral part of Natura 2000 ROSPA0027 Homorod Hills.

The natural reserve stretches over an area of ​​210 hectares and includes the ponds from the valley of Homorodul Mare, as well as the surroundings. The smallest altitude is 440 m above sea level and the nearby hills reach the height of 718 meters. Prior to the arrangement of the ponds, most of the area was covered by large swamps, reed and water lilies, the land being used by locals as pasture, hay and to a lesser extent for plowing.

In the quietest area of ​​the ornithological retreat from Sânpaul are built two observatories: one is directed towards the water and the other towards the shore of the lake. Observatories are equipped with reflective glass, so the birds can be photographed without being disturbed.

First and foremost can be seen and photographed limbic birds, namely, shore, ardeids and ducks: hawks, egrets, nagâț, carriages, runners and whistles. An observer can be used by 2 people at the same time.

Price offer: 50 euro / observation / max. 2pers

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