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Orbán Balázs 22, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, 535600


Hargita Outdoor was founded by a group of friends who are enthusiastic about sports in nature and have a strong local knowledge of the mountains and wildlife in the Hargita Region.

Our vision is to promote the importance of preserving one of the largest untouched forests in Europe - our common natural heritage - while riding, biking or walking through it in an environmentally friendly, active way.

Let it be skis, snowshoes, mountain bikes or hiking boots, we’ll guide you through breathtaking places while you can learn about this amazing habitat. 

Ski and snowboard instruction
Skiing/snowboarding is a complex form of movement. With qualified help you can save a lot of time and energy during the learning process. Our instructors help you master the basics of skiing/snowboarding, correct your technique or develope your knowledge, while you are having a great time.
Our main working point is the Harghita Madaras, but we are open to arrange courses in the surroundings, as well.
Feel free to contact our qualified instructors!

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