Piatra Albă mineral water spring


Plăieșii de Sus, Romania


The Piatra Albă (White Stone) mineral water spring is situated in Plăieșii de Jos, in a small depression in the Eastern Carpathians, 40 km from Miercurea Ciuc and 30 km fromm Targu Secuiesc on Route 11B.
The source Piatra Alba (Fehérkő, in Hungarian) with the name Saint Stephen (Szent István) received in the nineteenth century, is located on the northern edge of the village, about 5 km from the village Plăieşii de Sus (Kászonfeltíz) in the valley Piatra Alba (Fehérkő). In 1890, the spring water was chemically analyzed by Professor dr. Béla Lengyel from the University of Budapest. Is a carbonated mineral water, bicarbonated, calcium and sodium. This spring water was bottled in the period 1893-1944 as the "Székely Boorviz" ("Szekler mineral water"), administrator of the spring being Baróthy Anna from Targu Secuiesc. After nationalization in 1948, the spring was abandoned and demolished buildings. In 1977 the mineral spring was reamanajat by locals, being used until today. In a few years, through the care of the "composesorat" (partnership) Plăiesii de Jos, was renovated and a beautiful summer house was built over the spring. This spring mineral water has therapeutic indications regarding anemia, low immunity, atherosclerosis, diseases of the bladder.


  • Plăieșii de Sus

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